Ten reasons parents and kids love Melodies Preschool

1. The lowest child to teacher ratio in the Selwyn district

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2. Daily music, dance and drama sessions taken by specialist teachers

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3. Gill Connell's Smart Step activities offered daily to extend your child’s physical development

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4. Unique well balanced programme of structure and free play

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5. Exceptional Transition to school programme where your child will be best prepared for the transition to school

6. Specialised indoor and outdoor environment that allows your child to learn and play at their own pace

7. Exceptionally high standards of health, hygiene and well-being: your child comes to learn & play, not to get sick

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8. Values of respect, independence & acceptance are taught & role-modelled creating a wonderful nurturing atmosphere

9. Our vision, philosophy & the Carl Orff Approach to teach music and dance

10. Our passionate owners & educators

About Melodies Preschool

Melodies preschool provides a high quality standard of care and education to children aged 2 -5 years

We are a small boutique preschool that provides a unique programme which includes specialist music, dance, drama and art sessions. We also deliver Gill Connells Smart Steps programme to ensure children have the best opportunity to learn and develop through movement. Our small roll and high teacher to child ratio allows teachers to develop strong nurturing relationships with children and whanau and allows the child to follow their interests and grow and learn at their own pace. Melodies preschool is a wonderful place where your child can truly learn, explore and have a wonderful time to their full potential.

What's Happening at Melodies